An independent South proposes to have a name and place among the nations of the Earth. Nothing more, nothing less. While we may boast certain distinctions, we do not propose to be the saviour and haven of mankind. From this premise follows our immigration policy.

That policy will be one which will serve the interests and needs of the South. It will not serve sentimental fantasies about immigration; it will not serve Utopian fanatics who wish to remake society in their image of ‘diversity’; and it will not serve profiteers with endless streams of cheap labour.

The strength of a nation is continuity from the past to the future. Consequently, a free South’s immigration policy shall not bring radical changes to an area or its people. Southern immigration policy will limit overall numbers of immigrants to prevent burgeoning population growth and attendant problems of overcrowding, excessive urban and suburban development, and environmental stress. Southern immigration policy also will not permit extensive change of the South’s cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic make-up. Change of this sort is not conducive to true goodwill and tolerance, but rather to mistrust and division which unscrupulous interests will exploit.

Candidates for immigration shall be people of good character and the possessors of skills and talents deemed useful to our society. A free South shall also permit entry to a selected number of foreigners who, as refugees, are fleeing genuine persecution. Immigrants who become citizens will not have the unlimited right to sponsor relatives for admission who in turn will sponsor more relatives in an endless chain of immigration.

Immigrants who wish to become citizens of a free South or more precisely, of one of its constituent States, must reside therein for at least ten years. They shall be required to renounce all loyalty to their countries of origin, demonstrate mastery of the English language, obtain character references from leaders of their communities, and pass extensive written tests on Southern history and civics. Citizenship will not be granted to the children of foreign parents simply because they are born in the South.

Southern immigration policy will not tolerate illegal immigration. Borders will have adequate patrols and law enforcement at all levels will have authourity to arrest, detain, and deport illegal aliens. Arrested illegal aliens will face strict punishment and will forever lose the opportunity of becoming legal residents. An important goal of Southern foreign policy shall be persuading foreign governments to respect our immigration laws.

A free South shall strive to offer goodwill and compassion as a member of the community of nations. But this commitment in no way implies that the South shall cater to the desires of foreigners who may wish to settle within its borders. The South will be in a much better position to lend a helping hand abroad by remaining a strong and distinct nation. The South may serve the community of nations by being an example of what liberty and limited, responsible government can accomplish. The first of our freedoms is the right to decide for ourselves what sort of nation we wish to be.