The simple joys of family life, from picnics to relaxed talks after supper, are more than pleasant pastimes–they help shape the values and attitudes of the next generation. The bonds from the past unite young and old, and nurture the cultural underpinnings for our social and political institutions. The mutual trust and shared attitudes that make society work are best nurtured in a loving home.

But when Southern children are taught to reject their ancestors, when families are vilified as breeding grounds for non-progressive attitudes, and a government-approved ideology replaces inherited culture, then all the institutions that support a stable society, both private and public, are threatened.

Who will serve as a role model to your children? Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Dennis Rodman, and Eminem are ready for the job, and will take it if you give it to them by default. A regime that openly works to eliminate traditional society and replace it with a rootless, subservient people has set its sights on the traditional family.

The League of the South recognizes and promotes the sanctity of Christian marriage as an image of the relationship between Christ and His Church; understands that loving and stable families are the backbone of society; stigmatizes perversity and all that seeks to undermine marriage and the family. We stand against the revolt against God and the natural order that seeks to impose homosexual ‘marriage’ upon the South.

The South stands as a bulwark for Christian marriage. Every jurisdiction in the United States that has legally recognised homosexual ‘marriage’ or civil unions lies outside of the South. It is only a matter of time however until the Federal courts once again destroy an institution which holds Southern society together. Only when the South is an independent nation can marriage be once again secure for our people.