There are a great many reasons why reform is not a solution. Fundamentally the South and the other regions of the United States are different nations. They can not be united under one government peacefully. To accomplish such a thing requires that some of the regions dominate the others and to impose their way of life on all. It can be no other way.

  • The US Constitution, for all practical purposes, is irrelevant because it can mean anything a federal judge says it means.
  • The federal government is utterly unaccountable to the people, and no mechanism exists for checking it.
  • The ballot box has been compromised and no longer offers the prospect of meaningful change.
  • Even if the election process had not been compromised, no real choice exists as long as the two major political parties are in control.
  • Third party ballot access is almost impossible to achieve and maintain.
  • Voters in large blocs, especially those who profit from the policies of the current regime – legal and illegal immigrants, Social Security recipients, minority special interest groups, and other who benefit from public spending – have a vested interest in preserving the status quo.
  • Major media outlets, the ‘fourth branch of government’, control the flow of information and allow to real expression of dissent.
  • The people are afraid of losing their tenuous hold on prosperity and personal peach by ‘rocking the boat’.
  • The USA Patriot Act, the surveillance state, and the Department of Homeland Security have undermined the Bill of Rights in the name of national security and provide the blueprint for a police state in the US. Dissent is squelched through labeling it as ‘terrorism’ or worse prevented from being communicated through the chilling effect of surveillance.
  • Huge annual federal deficits and the accumulated national debt have mortgaged the wealth of future generations and will have to be repudiated.
  • The Left took the offensive generations ago and has held it and the momentum ever since.
  • Serious problems of scale exists. With only one representative in the House to approximately 700,000 citizens, the people would be justified in saying, ‘No taxation without representation’.