I am Harold Crews. Dr. Michael Hill, the President of the League of the South, saw fit to name me as the Chairman for the League of the South for North Carolina. After being name I reorganized the North Carolina League. Since North Carolina is a fairly large state it has been broken down into six regions with each region having a regional chairman to provide local leadership. Those regions are the Northeastern region, the Southeastern region, the North-Central region, the Northwestern region, the Southwestern region, and the Western region.

It is the responsibility of each regional chairman who provide local leadership by communication with League members and supporters in his region; to serve as a spokesman to the press; organise events in his region; to recruit new members for his region; and when possible to organise local county or town chapters of the League of the South. Regional chairman are also to keep the state chairman informed of events in his region and to cooperate with other regional chairmen to provide support for events and initiatives across the state.

As the League of the South grows in North Carolina additional positions will be added on an as needed basis and as members become available suited for those positions.