Southern Solidarity

Hello, my name is Harold Crews and I’m a Southern nationalist.

Yesterday, July the 10th, I and about ninety or so other Southerners took part in a rally in Burlington, North Carolina to show our support for a Southern business of which you have probably heard – Dixie Outfitters. Since many of the large retailers have stopped selling Southern themed items it is now more important than ever to support those retailers who support us especially since they are also Southerners.

The crowd was an interesting mix of Southerners. I recognized a good number of League members and supporters there. There easily could have been more there since I unfortunately do not know all the League members in North Carolina. There were a substantial number of members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans there as well many of whom I consider friends. There were also a good number of folks who came in on motorcycles. And then there were just ordinary run of the mill Southern men and women flying Southern flags from their cars and pickup trucks. The attendees were Southerners of all ages and backgrounds. This rally was organized in about a week’s time on FaceBook. And considering the number of people who accepted the invitation the attendance was slightly more than was expected.

This event is not unique. Across the South there have been dozens of other such events taking place over the past several weeks. Most of them are being organized spontaneously from the grassroots and not as a coordinated effort on the part of any organization. A sleeping giant is waking across the South. Nothing brings people together like a threat. Too often it is the only thing that brings Southerners together.

We Southerners are an independent lot. We are strongly individualistic. We have many Southern flags and we follow different Christian creeds. This attribute of individualism has long been a characteristic of our people. It’s been there from the origins of the South. It was brought here from our European founding stock. It was further strengthened by the centuries long frontier experience which our people went through. The attribute of individualism is both a strength and a weakness. It is a strength because it allows us to quickly adapt to new environments and circumstances. But it is also a weakness because it inevitably leads to infighting. If you have doubts about this propensity for infighting then next time you’re in a gathering of Southerners just open the bar-b-que can of worms and wait for what happens next.

We can no longer afford this infighting. It simply cannot be honestly disputed that we are under threat from all sides today. Whether it is the media; the Federal government; the state governments which falsely claim to represent us; or organized agitators – all are arrayed against us and are intent on our destruction as a distinct people. There are influential individuals in the media and in government calling for expressions of our heritage to be a crime. There are some who even call for for ethnic cleansing of the South through numerically overwhelming our people at the ballot box by hostile immigrants from other parts of the United States or from the third world. This is nothing other than colonization and ultimately genocide. It may be a soft genocide but it is genocide nonetheless. Our people will be erased through deliberate government policy.

Under this existential threat Southerners simply cannot afford infighting. It will literally kill us. This infighting is at best foolish and at worst treasonous. Our enemies hate us and want us politically subjugated; in prison; or dead. You cannot obtain the respect of those who hate you. It is foolish to try. What is just as foolish is to allow the enemy to choose your allies. If we allow them to do this we shall remain demoralized and divided and they shall destroy each group attempting to organize resistance to their tyranny one by one. There are no enemies to the Right. Those who engage in moralistic condemnation of other Southerners based on the moral values of those who seek our destruction are collaborators in their own subjugation and genocide. There is no worse form of immorality than that. Does this mean we must agree on everything? No it doesn’t. The fact that we do not is probably a good thing since our differences will allow us to challenge the enemy on all fronts. All who wish to protect and advance the existence of the Southern people are brothers in arms. We MUST have solidarity among our people.

My name is Harold Crews and I’m a Southern nationalist. We Southerners must hang together or we will surely hang separately. Thanks for watching.